September 2020: VHF IARU contest cat.6h

details soon …

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May 2020: again MS [Meteor Scatter] on 144 MHz

After long time since the first test done in second half of year 2000 with other RTX and PC, I’ ve adjusted the  shack in order to test again this interesting kind of communication. To running in MS on 144MHZ, after the ususal little troubles in softwares setting and rtx config, I’ve organized the PC with the MSHV and/or WSJT-X softwares to manage the microKEYER II interface directly conneted to the Elecraft K3 then driving the transverter Kuhne TR144 H+40 and using about 300W. Unfortulately the 2M5WL with its 10.2 mt boom is really too long for this activity, anyway the first test are really amazing, checking both MSK144 and FSK441 mode also organizing the sked on KST chat, of course outside of random chances. Since now, any MS sked is welcome. 

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May 2020: Int. VHF ARI contest

Worked the 144 MHz 6h category of the above appointment with the last usually contest setup. Unfortunately the tropo condition was at the lower level never found in my activities and this situation it’s been detected everywhere and this is confirmed by the very low QRB average detected in all EU zone logs. Of course, due the lockdown, the stop to the portable and the multioperator stations have created a lower general activity but  also the DX QSO normally easily done aren’t in the log this time. I really hope that these conditions will be not replied in the future….


About declared classment I’ve the 2nd place on ARI web site with nr. 122 QSO and 25955 total points and 3rd place on 9A VUSHF Portal: the ODX is 9A0V with it’s 850Km and QRB average is 215 Km.

ARI classment: 2nd placemay2020

9A VHF: 3rd place 9a_may2020

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Apr.2020 : CQ WPX HF Contest

Attended  the CQ World Wide WPX Contest on 15M SOLP on March 27-28th but unfortunately this time the progagation didn’t help to take advantage from this great appointement.  Band with few opportunity in early morning with low signals from orientals place then in the afternoon discrete activity form S.America while rearely presence on air about USA … worked only in S&P due the test with calling CQ wasn’t successfull. Anyway, just detected from declared:

1st ITALY ;  5th EUROPE; 18th WORLD

CQWPX2020_raw score

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Oct.2019: CQ WW SSB HF Contest – UPD Apr.2020

The CQ WW SSB w.e. was Saturday Oct.26, 2019 so early in the morning I heard the bands to check the activity and the propagation and I was really suprised to find so many activities on 15 mtr despect the cycle period, so I decided to join this great opportunity. I started the 15M SOLP category with lots of signals from the Far East working in S&P mode and sometimes calling, but gaining the right slice of frequency in low power hasn’t been so simple. Unfortunately  family commitments came and  forced me to stop. On sunday morning I started again and I did many QSO with a lot of big signals thanks to many stations in the air, moreover sometimes I found a really narrow hole inside the crowded band and I tried to call on USA having some little pile-up… really amazing.

In the end I closed with 413 QSO with a score of  83.662 pts, worked 27 zone and 91 Cty and with this numbers I’ve reached the following positions  :

1st ITALY,  2nd EUROPE, 8th WORD.

IZ1ESM_CQWW_2019_SSB_certificate_page-0001here below the screen on sunday evening at CQ WW 2019 end:

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Dic.2019: RSP1A as panadapter on FT1000D

Some time ago I’ve done some test with other SDR but was always a fight with drivers, dll and software compatibility. With SDRplay RSP1A and it’s SDRuno software all is quite simple in a very nice graphical visualization. Just connected the ready to use 73.620 MHz IF output from the Yaesu FT1000D and few settings and all is working without problem then the old rtx have a powerful modern band scope CAT synchronized with original Yeasu FIF-232 interface:

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Nov. 19: ERC rotor card on Hy-Gain control box

Just installed on Hy-Gain control box the ERC version 4 USB rotor card by Rene, DF9GR in order to have an automatic direction rotor control. The card version/model have the relays installed to emulate the manual command on  board and must be fitted inside the control box . The electrical wiring is simple and only on mechanical installation side the square hole for USB plug can require more work. It’s can be used with a long rotors list due a large numbers of setting with a dedicated softwares for setup and control, anyway is widely recognized by the main software log more than the classic and powerful PSTrotator by YO3DMU.

On firsts test I’ve found only a little issue, but not depending by the ERC card, due the HAM IV brake coil load noise inducted on the rotor cable that make position feedback not stable during rotation , that it’s been improved on ERC simply changing pulling update time setting. Over this, I’m very satisfied about this card.

Here the ERC card installed:

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Sept.2019: on-air for IARU R1 VHF / 6H

Last June I’d start to thinking to be again on-air for IARU R1 VHF contest in 6 hours category, but with an improved home system like done in Sept. 2013. The time was enough to organize the setup change looking to have one antenna system additions to the “normal” home installation, 1x17el 2M5WL, and still using the usual rtx like Elecraft K3 more the Khune TR144 H+40 … but the first step was to try to have IZ2UPJ Davide availability, unfortunately not sure until last week before the deadline. Then I found a 9mt Aluminium telescopic mast (tnx IK2OFO) in the “Mombarone Hamfest“, followed by new parts like TX power divider, a new THOTZU CX600NL coaxial relay and the new 2 x 7 elements DK7ZB design by VPA-system (PL) as second antenna system. With all setup ready with some days in advance and 2 pc network connected more ON4KST chat availability, on Sunday morning  started the 6 hours with Davide and straight noted  a lot of noise and poor propagation and also many local stations don’t help to gain the “normal ” DX worked as usually: this will be confirmed at the end by the low QRB numbers in the “top 20” and also in the QRB average. Anyway, I’m happy to be back active again for this contest and also for the valuable collaboration of Davide that I thank very much. Here the result and some pics about 2nd antenna system more the usual 17el by M2Inc:





update on September,17th : temporary 3rd place in the declared log on ARI web site

UPDATE on March 2020 :


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May 2019: 9A activity contest

after long time, finally last w.e. I’ve worked some nice DX thanks to the usual 9A Activity contest that occour the 3rd week end of the month: at the end 28 QSO with a good QRB average jumped to 665Km …. setup was still working well as normal and also the absence of local activity have improved this result …

9A act 5 per 2019

obviusly alwasys a great pleasure to hear between the others Ivan, YU1LA that of course is the ODX with his QRB of 946 … thanks

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June 2018: ICOM IC7000

I was thinking to replace my YAESU FT100, mainly used for the mobile activities so far 50MHz, so I’ve evaluated the new rtx available on the market but I don’t found any interest about it. So I’ve pointed the “old” choices and the IC7000 got my attention: smaller and with a good color display with many status details (also with spectrum) and an easy setting menu with label details and a multifunction microphone and usable from HF to UHF. Found one mint new c/o an HAM dealer and after a quick view of the settings, performed the firsts test: good general performance as for this rtx category and only the overheating due the fan start only during transmit mode is the negative remark especially if used in mobile in hot summer holidays.



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Javornik 14/144MHz VHF transverter [update 02/2018]

update 02/2018:

I want to add some detailed pictures about Javornik VHF transverter 14/144MHz finally boxed and tested in order to highlight the great work done by Sergio I1KFH. Some years ago we focused on this project, but it wasn’t available already build nor also in the kit, then we bought only the original board with other few particulars components from the producer (S53RM) while we purchased the remaining parts from the major supplier in Europe. Some components were even found during my job trip in the UK, too.

Finally, a lot of work by Sergio with his skill level than my boxing. Here the result:


this the original post on 02/2011

Javornik 14/144MHz VHF transverter H.M. by I1KFH – still waiting on-air test


JAVORNIK-  short description: 144/14 is a very high-performance transverter for 144 MHz optimized for use with the FT-1000MP as a 14 MHz base station, and it has two (synchronous) receive converters with enough gain to overcome the 18 dB of FT-1000MP’s noise figure (in IPO ON state).

If you need more info, read  the detailed article on

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Summers, 2014-18: IZ1ESM/IS0 activities.

Last years in July and August I had the opportunity to enjoy  Sardinia island more than once (in particular the south-east zone: Villasimius – CA). I’ve personally never performed in portable before, so I decided to discover mobile activities thanks to my son’s Suzuki G.V. using this setup: RTX YAESU FT100, HF mobile HUSTLER  antenna with 10, 15 and 20 meters coils on a triple magnet base (also if I don’t transmit while running)  or in alternative  I used also a six meters fishing rod with a 4:1 balun and AT120 tuner by Kenwood. Working in these conditions has been really amazing and I gained  also some nice DX with my simple setup and I must highlight that Hustler antenna has been really performing and for my experience better than the 6mt  fishing rod antenna.

Anyway, the beauty of this land has been the most marvelous aspect of this experience.

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Dec. 2017: NIR-12 dual dsp by JPS

Many years ago I tested the external DSP signal processing, but I  wasn’t really certain about its real functionality, because I didn’t appreciate any important improvements. Then the first RTX with internal DSP was launched into the market and it entirely replaced the audio DSP. But in the last time due to my choice to use on HF my preferred rtx (the YAESU FT1000, an old-style radio) and thanks to the visit to the I1POR’s shack (FT1000 and NIR12 user too), the functioning of NIR12 surprised me a lot. I’ve surely evaluated the recent BHI DSP module or some alternatives, but I’ve decided to look for the same setup heard.


After a few months I visited a Hungarian ham web market and finally found the NIR12. Some tests confirm its good functionality, really helping in many situations. I will make some videos showing its high level.

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Feb.2017: UltraBeam !

with the first nice weather, the good TH5 Hy Gain it’s been replaced by a powerful and actual  UltraBeam 3 elements 6-20 meters yagi … the first test was on full functionality, elements adjustment and check of CAT command through PC to rtx … also rotator it’s been improved and now is a HAM IV always by Hy Gain.


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Sept.2016: VHF IARU reg.1 contest

After a long time I’d Enjoy again this VHF appointment and worked 6 hours category in Saturday using the VHF home setup like Elecraft K3 and transverter TR144- H by Kuhne with 500 W on a single 17 el. M2-5WL … without adding other antenna systems. The activity was interesting and after the usual short QRB contacts with the nearest zone answering to my call, finally, I’ve looked to improve the final QRB average (and also my personal pleasure) with some DX QSO. Not new calls or locators: ODX with OM6A (as usual) and its 902 Km and for stats 16 QSO over 700Km and among others the QSO in JO31 with DL0GM and JN94 with YT4B …. not so usuals squares from home location … closed with declared of nr. 109 QSO and over 45K points with 416 QRB average really in-line with past results with similar working/location conditions. On Italian side I would like to highlight the usual top ops/teams activities as IQ4AX driven by IK4WKU Marco, the new call IQ5NN for Nerone Team with I5PVA Paolo and IK5ZWU Andrej, the IK1TBE Team driven by I1AXE then IO2V with IK2CFR Marco and his team, this time (as already done on 2001/2002) working over 3000 mt a.s.l. from “Marmolada” for sure the biggest Italian windows on EU countries and at the end with the great operation done by IK3UNA Mirko that worked DQ8T contest club form DG8NCO shack in JO50 that gained a top score (over 600 QSO more than 210K pts) in Italy normally reached  only by multi operators and portable teams: really a great job !


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UPDATE:  6° place over 153 attendees on official result IARU Contestanalysis link .



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Sept.2016 : IZ1ESM CQ WPX Contest result

Good news about Mach 2016 activity on CQ WPX SSB HF contest…

# 1 ITALY , # 3 EUROPE  # 13 WORLD.


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Agust 2016: lot of IT9 on “Field Day Sicilia” VHF …

This year the appointment was attended by a lot of IT9 stations thanks the  effort of many local HAM , IT9FDS among others , to have each years bigger VHF activities  and the result it’s been for sure reached: on August, 21 I’ve worked  nr. 11 stations in the North Sicily border,  like in the map, with QRB coming from 872 Km with  IT9NVE in JM67LX  to 964 Km with IT9BLY (ODX) in JM78RD . Thanks Sicily’s HAM for this opportunity and next year I really suggest to don’t forget this contest !


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April 2016: HF tuner Palstar AT2K

Just replaced the HF tuner MFJ 989C, in the shack since an old trip to Freidericheshafen (2001),  with the powerful Palstar AT2K .. just looking the external dimensions and confirmed by the same range of the capacitors (4,5Kv) drived by 6:1 ratio Vernier dials more than the inductor variable ceramic core roller with a silver plated roller wheel and an high precision mechanical counter, this tuner gives a good idea about its performance … it is capable of manage 2KW PEP SSB from 1,8 to 54MHz .

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March 2016: worked on CQ WPX SSB contest

The first HF contest experience  started with the category choice, dropped on Single-Op, 15mt, Low Power, Assisted, TB, then some quick tests with the powerful QARTtest contest software by IK3QAR , and rig “setup” like the YAESU FT2000 (100W) more the voice keyer MFJ434B with the Heil headset and  footswitch …  The band was really crowded with many prefixes on-air, as the intent of this contest due they are multipliers, and only the power limitation of my category has added a bit difficult to complete some QSO (especially in answering while not on my CQ calls), caused by the power difference because the OMs contacted often were HP, furthermore adding for sure the worsening of reception levels due local high QRM everywhere … remarkable on Saturday the first CQ with a nice East land feedback particularly from JA, and Sunday late afternoon when the band normally went closed while this time had a new increment peak with a lot of activity until 22Z that seemed with no end …

I’ve really joined this experience and I’ll surely repeat and improve it because this time I’ve lost too much time with personal problems both days  … In the end, I’ve reached  385 QSOs for a declared over 290K pts. but this time the points weren’t the real objective…

UPDATE on 06, April 2016 :

as  in the picture from CQ WPX web site the RAW score where I’m temporary in ranking position :       # 1 ITALY,    #3 EUROPE,    #13 WORLD



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June 2015: 144 MHz E Sporadic , finally …

The last events I’ve joined was in 2013 and finally on 2015 I had the chances to work a nice ES opening on 22 June so within 17 minutes I did 10 QSO with UK stations and amog these the TOP DX of 1741Km with GM8IEM in IO78HF .

here the full log:

17:28 GM4CXM, IO75TW 1507Km; 17:30 G4KUX, IO94BP 1295Km; 17:33 GM4JR, IO85FB 1400Km; 17:35 M0CTP, IO93QU 1176Km; 17:36 G0EAT, IO93OU 1183Km; 17:37 M0DTS; IO94IL 1258Km; 17:38 GM4EOU, IO86PF 1467Km; 17:39 GM8IEM IO78HF 1741Km; 17:42 GM4ILZ; IO87IP 1615Km; 17:45 GM4FVM; IO85WU 1412Km.

As ususally, more info about this and other ES opening in “E-Sporadic Summary” news on MMMonVHF web site.


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March 2015: the milestone in the shack ..

I’ve been looking for a YAESU FT1000D transceiver for a long time and now finally is in the shack … the charm of this milestone is really incredible.

Introduced at the end of ’80 with the high-end competitors like Icom IC781  and Kenwood TS 950 , this rtx came out as “… the highest third-order input intercept of any commercial radio ever tested in the ARRL Lab … “ more ” .. .ultimate contesting and Dxing machine available today  …  YAESU has every reason to be proud of this achievement …” on Product Review on QST March 1991. In the short test performed until now, I’ve been really impressed with the result by the comparison with the most modern transceiver on the desk …

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Sept. 2014: HF antenna system ready !

The TH-5MK2 by “Hy-gain” has finally found it’s right location over the 12 mt. “Angelucci” tower with trolley, driven with cellflex RFS LCF14-50 and inflex RT 50/20 cables while the rotator is a CD45 always “CDE Hy-Gain”. I know that this antenna isn’t “actual” (i.e. without WARC bands or dynamical) but is for sure enough for my actual HF target.


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July 2014: 9A VHF awards 2013

I was very surprised about the home reception of these awards by traditional mail. Really appreciated ! Thanks to RADIO CLUB “KUTINA” and 9A VHF managers.


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May 2014: ARI VHF Trophy Award 2013

Last May,18th, I attended the ARI VUSHF Meeting in Marina di Pietrasanta where I received this award for the 1st place in the 2013 ARI VHF Trophy cat.6h  from Alex IK3KKW ARI VUSHF Manager. It was a very nice end for an intense 2013 season lived with Roberto I1BPU, starting with some “contest” setup improvements to my fixed station, until the portable operation of July and November as detailed in the previous posts and also with the big result in September again in the fixed station but with Davide IZ2UPJ. The main competitor Alex IW3INQ and his team (IK3TPP, IV3KKW and others ) have been overtaken with a great and powerful effort, always with setup changes more than improvements and relative better results.

2013 VHF ARI Ttophy

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May 2014: meet up Carlo Bianconi, IK4ISQ

With the chance gave me by a recent trip to Bologna, I’ve meet Carlo in his lab and due he is Official Elecraft Dealer and Service, I’ve brought the K3 to check it, in order to verify the main operational status.  Really interesting looking while Carlo was testing and verifing my K3 with his high professional skill and his high-level instruments.


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May 2014: last new entry


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VHF Int.”Cinisello” May 2014: looking for DX …

In this appointment  I’ve tried to hunt any good DX available on the band, leaving any relation about the total score, but only looking for the system capability in order to evaluate one time more any possible improvement. For this reason the “home setup” with Elecraft K3 & Kuhne TR144 and the M2 2M5WL 17 el. it’s been used without any addition due his capability on that kind of activity. The tropo condition was nice since the contest startup on  saturday confirmed with  the good QSO with OM3W in JN99CH and 874Km going to the ODX with HA6W and his KN08 with 974Km worked in the evening. On Sunday, the tropo condition wasn’t so good, confirmed by some unlucky test on sked through KST chat, however some interesting QSO has be done like with  HG7B in JN97 and 865Km , 9A0V in JN95 and 850Km or OM5AW in JN88 and 827Km .

At the end the total QRB average about this test was 653 Km. Here a graphic detail:




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Upgrading Bird 43 with PeP card

Some time ago, I had the opportunity to get this original Bird kit upgrade (mod.4300-400) that convert any Model 43 to accurately read Peak as well as CW power. The main card of this kit need to be fixed directly on the instrument, while at the place of DX socket for extra element, must to be installed a command plate with a switch and a LED to indicate the meter is switched to Peak mode. Here few shot to show the steps of this easy and  “no wiring” installation …..


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VHF Int. Contest “Lario” March 2014

This appointment was performed with a temporary installation of a 10el. BJ9BV design added to the main 17el. 2M5WL driven by the new couple Elecraft K3 more Kuhne TR144 and 500W. The activity was related to winter conditions with a low average and not enough interesting DX but anyway, on the top 20 QSO there are nr. 4 QSO over 800 Km and 16 QSO on 600 / 700 Km range while the DX was with HA5KDQ in JN97LN and his 853 Km. The first experience with the improved setup it’s been very interesting showing the high capability of the system.

Clicking here the pictures about  QSO map and the TOP20.


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Feb. 25, 2014: finally up !

Thanks to the big help and availability of Fabio, IW1BND and my son Gabriele, finally my tower is raised up ! Really a long work, many time paused, but at the end I can count on a 11mt. (a.g.l.)  50cm side tower (with trolley). Now only few details need to be finished , but the most important step has been done.

Here some pictures about the installation:

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2014 VHF season: ready !

This is the main setup for the next VHF season : Elecraft K3 and Kuhne TR144H +40 ;  17el. 5WL M2 inc. ;  Italab Phoenix 1000A.



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Last 2013 setup update: Elecraft K3 !

What better way to close  the winning 2013 VHF Activity with a new setup upgrade like a new rtx K3 by Elecraft ? I don’t think more other : so here in the shack my last improvement, instead of my glorious Yaesu FT1000 MP ( still on side) to drive the TR144H+40  transvert by Kuhne El. (DB6NT).
The K3 was arrived on 24,Dec in “VHF model”  like K3/10 with the option KXV3A transverter interface, in kit version. In the firsts 5, 6 hours available, I’ve assembled it without any problems: the instructions are very detailed and all the parts supplied have found their location. At the end, after hold my breath at the first power up, I’ve started to experience the basically functions in order to discover and learn how to take advantage by it’s high performance. After the mainly setup and some test  in HF bands, the K3 is already connected to the Kuhne …



The first approach was very interesting  and a few time after the use on-air, is quicly and easy understand the fame and the success of this great and widely reviewed tranceiver. I have also connected the PMSDR on IF out and with POWER SDR/IF-stage software now I am testing the PC based Panadaper tool for the next ES and  Tropo activity season.

Pictures about assembling clicking on the line below :

Read the rest of this entry »

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2013 ARI Trophy last step: [MMC] Marconi Memorial VHF

I’ve reached this last appointment with the 2nd position in the 2013 ARI VHF Trophy “6 hour category” and about 5k pts backward so, in order to try to gain the 1st position, I haven’t any other choice to make a portable operation: obviously the season bring many doubts about weather conditions especially on high mountain locations ! Moreover Roberto I1BPU cooperation was not sure until few hours before the deadline … but at the end he confirmed and we started with this hard attempt.
Saturday, after about 3 hours travelling arrived in place over 1500 mt a.s.l. but unfortunately inside fast clouds with low visual, strong (and cold) wind and high humidity level. In this situation we have raised up the two systems, a 2 x 7 el. and a 4 x 5 el. (all vertically stacked) on DK7ZB design h.b. by Roberto …


A quick test with the antenna analyzer highlighted a problem on the 4 x 5 system (also if all checked before) that forced us to tear down and then up again all the system to clear it, and in that bad weather conditions isn’t been so simple . The dark of the evening was arrived early but we finish antenna mounting not long after  … On Sunday morning we were really pleased to see the two system still upright, due the high wind bursts of the night, and still there, so we started to connect all equipments inside the van.. then the first QSO in log … the local activity appeared less than usual related to the other contest due to “only CW”  reason, but on the other side the higher QRB average is evident and many good QSO with remarkable QRB are easily in log simply coming back to our call on our QRG. This is confirmed by the 30% of QSO that have QRB over 700Km (detailed on nr.3>900Km, nr.17>800Km, nr.19>700Km), by the 7 QSO in KN field (from 04 to 08) and also by the ODX with YU7ACO in KN05QC and his 959Km. Obviously the “KST” chat has brought some support to our hunting but hasn’t defined a heavy result difference. All the activity was done while the weather conditions were changing with the first sun was breaking the overcast …. At 14 UTC all switched off, and we go ahead to dismount all, finishing more than 2 hours later and more 3 hour’s travel for archive this hard but nice and successful experience with Roberto, closing with these numbers:

158 QSO, QRB average 481Km, DX YU7ACO in KN05QC QRB 959Km, declared 76089 points

and, as said, inside these ; nr. 51 differents WWL, nr.13 DXCC calls,  42% points vs. dist. over 700Km,  nr. 3 QSO over 900Km QRB, nr.17 over 800Km QRB , nr.19 over 700Km and nr. 18 calls 9A, nr. 11 calls HA, 17 calls OK, nr.8 calls OM ending with nr.21 calls S5 , nr. 5 calls YU and nr. 1 call ON … really fun !

Now 2013 VHF season is over, waiting the final classement …..

UpDate on Nov. 15 :  claimed score cat. 6 hours from ARI Bologna web site tnx to IZ4DYN MMC contest manager

IZ1ESM/1 76089
IW3INQ/IV3 52340
IW4AJP/4 22569
IZ4FTB 22547

UpDate on Dic. 14 :  final score cat. 6 hours from ARI Bologna web

Categoria 6 ore   (59)
CL Nominativo Locator Aslm Antenna Power Qso Dich. ODX DX Ricalcolo ERR. ERR. Finale %
qso punti
1 IZ1ESM/1 JN44OR 1510 2×7 & 4×5 500 158 76.089 YU7ACO 959 75.986 4 2.001 73.985 2.5 %
2 IW3INQ/IV3 JN65QQ 5 4x8jxx2 500 140 51.918 DL2YDS 711 52.274 12 5.397 46.877 8.5 %
+ 4x8jxx2
3 IZ4FTB JN54PL 70 Yagi 11 El. 500 61 22.547 OL4K 764 22.520 6 2.623 19.897 9.8 %


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October 2013: new improvement with a PHOENIX 1000 LDMOS amp. by ITALAB

Recently I’ve decided to upgrade the glorious and very reliable amplifier AM6155 by ITT Aerospace  with his 8930 Eimac tube and over 500W (in my shack since year 2000 and sold few days ago) with a new generation technology amp offered by the last equipments on the market.  After some phone calls I’ve met Nico, ITALAB head, in his lab nearby Milan to purchase his last product:

PHOENIX 1000A 144MHz, 8W @ 1 KW,  Tho-Tzu CX600N / CX140D relais,

EATON-TDK APR48 power supply and MRFE 6VP61K25H Freescale LD MOS

Really a compact and powerful equipment. Below some pictures about Nico while is testing my amplifier on his power desk lab (with Franco,I2FHW on the background), checking the full power and all protections (max.input, high SWR … etc.) and finally the new amplifier test in my shack …..


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added on April 24, 2018 inside pictures : 


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IARU VHF 2013: over 80K points in 6 hours !

I never reach a great result like this from my home station on side of QSO number and total score … really a great result and probably is the Italian record in 6 hour category from fixed station and, more important, also this time in the current ARI trophy season, the score is better then the previous (beyond the portable op.). 
In the shack I’ve had the cooperation of my dear friend IZ2UPJ Davide (ex IW1DMC) that give me his really appreciated availability while I1BPU Roberto was engaged as a member of the IK3UNA, Mirko’s Team , moreover the home setup it’s been improved with a temporary 2×7 elements DK7ZB h.m. provided by IZ1GDZ Cesare (thanks) in addition to the main 17 elements by M2 inc. (2M5WL) drived by the couple FT1000MP with the Kuhne TR144H+40 and the power (500W) splitted in the two aerial systems.

The activity it’s been in high level as IARU VHF reg.1 main contest, also if lower in the nearby area, with nice QSO in 9A (nr.21), OK/OM (nr.20), S5 (nr. 22) with a total of nr. 2 QSO over 900Km and nr. 19 QSO over 700Km. and among that YT4B from JN94SD and HG7B from JN97LW really loud, until the best DX with OM6W in JN99LJ and its QRB of 927 Km. QSO Map

 208 QSO, DX OM6W in JN99LJ, QRB 927, average 386Km, declared of 80423 points 

Now 2 month in stand-by, waiting the last 2013 ARI Trophy appointment : Memorial Marconi VHF CW on next Nov.02/03 fighting for the first position

Here the audio of the QSO with SN7L from JO70SS and his 825 Km posted in SO3Z  web site: 


Update on Oct.2013: 2nd place on the pubblished classement where you can find also a deep analysis about zone activity Link 


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